Do you like having a cold shower? Of course, you do not want it, right? Nobody on the planet likes cold showers. There are a couple of things as frustrating and startling as stepping inside your shower and realizing the water is cold and it isn’t getting hot. Aside from being uncomfortable, it can also be an indication of a plumbing issue around your house.  

Obviously, if you’re having a problem with your shower, the best thing you can do is to call professional plumbers in Bergen County NJ for help. However, before you do that, here are a couple of things you should look out for first: 

Consider the Valve of Your Shower 

You know that the problem is specific to your shower if other faucets around your house have hot water. If this is your case, you might be dealing with a malfunctioning shower valve. For those who don’t know, the shower valve is the component of the plumbing system that combines cold water and hot water before it comes out of your showerhead. Small parts, such as the washer or O-ring can deteriorate over time. If this happens, it will cause the shower valve to stop properly working.  

Examine the Water Heater 

It is time for you to visit your water heater if the cold-water problem appears to be affecting your whole home. You’ve got to ensure that the heater’s pilot light is on. Also, make sure you set the temperature to around 120°F. This is the proper temperature for hot water. You’ve got to contact an expert plumber immediately if you notice any strange noises or leaks coming from the heater.  

Examine Other Faucets 

Also, it can be extremely useful to figure out if the cold water problem is affecting your entire home or if it’s simply limited to the shower. You should go around the house and examine every single faucet, such as sink faucet and tubs. The problem is probably just with your shower if the other faucets appear to be working fine. This means you’ve got to focus your attention on your shower after you perform this test.  

Check Hot Water Use 

Before getting worried too much, you’ve got to consider how much hot water was recently utilized in your house. There is a limited supply of hot water if you’ve got a tank water heater. This means that the hot water might have run out and it requires time to refill. You should wait a couple of minutes first and try your shower again if several members of your household recently used hot water.  

If you are tired of dealing with cold showers and you do not know what’s causing this problem, it is time for you to call a professional plumber to examine and repair your shower and water issue. A couple of homeowners might opt to perform DIY repairs. However, it is typically ideal to leave them to the experts. If you try to fix your shower yourself without the right tools, you might end up making the problem worse.