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Previously this page contained email addresses. These had been encrypted to prevent emails address scanners from automatically extracting these for spam purposes.
The maintenance of the page when email addresses keep changing is too excessive to continue in this form.
As members register with Wonnacott.Org for their own email address then we intend to publish these in the list below with user name only tabulated against the full name. This does mean however mean that there will be no click link and to contact via email you must resort to direct entry of the name and adding the suffix.
We apologise for this change in procedure but unfortunately we have to keep one step ahead of the spammers who are always finding ways to try and decrypt addresses on pages etc.

Recent updates of the Webmail facilities provides the user with 2 options of graphical user packages, Horde & SquirrelMail. Users can now set up their own Auto Responder and Forwarder options as well as change password from the login confirmation panel.

Please note that we operate SPAM ASSSASIN complemented by our own "Scripted Blockers" in order to minimise SPAM into your mailbox. You are therefore recommended to refrain from composing emails using subject headers and content using typical spam terminology, else your email may end up in the big black hole.

Real Name   Email Name   Location
Alice Wonnacott   Alice.W   Canada
Alma (Wonnacott) Scovil   alma   Canada
Andrew Wonnacott   andrew   South Africa
Bob & Shirley Wonnacott   bobandshirley   Canada
Brad Wonnacott   brad.wonnacott    
Bronwyn Wonnacott   bronwyn   Canada
Cheryl Siemans   cheryl.s   Canada
Claudia Reeves   C.M.Reeves   Canada
Clifford John Wonnacott   cjohn1   Melbourne, Australia
Colin Wonnacott   colin    
David Wonnacott   david.w   Penang, Malaysia
David K.Wonnacott   david.k.wonnacott    
Dereck Wonnacott   dereck   USA
Edward Brent Wonnacott   edwardb   West Fork, Arizona,USA
Elizabeth Wonnacott   elizabeth.wonnacott   Canada
Evelyn Wonnacott   evelyn1   Bideford, Devon, UK
Frank Dixon   frankmd   Southend, Essex, UK
Fritz Wonnacott   fritzw   NY, USA
Dr.Gavin Wonnacott   gavin   Bedford, UK
Glenn Wonnacott   trey   Saint Marys, GA, USA
Geoffrey Wonnacott   geoffrey   Poole, Dorset, UK
Graham Wonnacott   graham    
Grant Wonacott   grant.wonacott   Temecula,California, USA
Heather Wonnacott   heather   Cape Town, South Africa
Ian Michael Wonnacott   ian   Walderslade, Kent, UK
James A Wonnacott   james.a.wonnacott   S Petherwin, Cornwall, UK  
James D Wonnacott   james.d.wonnacott    
John B Winnacott   jbwinn   Ontario, Canada
John & Phyllis Mercer   johnandphyllis   Queensland, Australia
John Wonnacott   johnw1   Bideford, Devon, UK
Jonah Wonnacott   jonah   Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Junice (Wonnacott) Taylor   Junice   Pinawa, Manitoba, Canada
J Wonnacott   jwonnacott    
Kevin Wonnacott   Kevin.Wonnacott    
Lee Wannacott   lee.wannacott   Milton, New Zealand
Lee Wonnacott   lee.wonnacott   Michigan, USA
Lee Wonnacott   leewonna   UK
Lisa Wonnacott(Pacey)   pacey    
Lisa Wonnacott   lisa    
Louise Wonnacott   louise.w    
Maria Wonnacott   maria    
Martha(Wonnacott)Goerzen   martha   Gretna, Manitoba, Canada
Mary Wonnacott   mary.wonnacott    
Matt Goerzen   mattg   Manitoba, Canada
Melissa Ann Wonnacott   melissa.ann   USA
Michael & Susan Wonnacott   michaelandsue    
Missy Wonacott   missy.wonacott    
Monty Wonnacott   MONTY   Michigan, USA
Nicky Search (Wonnacott)   nicky.s    
Nigel Wonnacott   nigel   Ontario, Canada
Nicky Search (Wonnacott)   nicky.s   New Zealand
Nicole Wonnacott   nicole.wonnacott   Echo Bay, Canada
Pamela Graham   graham   Michigan,USA
Paul R Wonnacott   paulrw   Bukit Batok, Singapore
Peter B Wonnacott   petebw   Hockley, Essex, UK
Ray Wonnacott   ray   Rotorua, New Zealand
Richard George Wonnacott   Navarro, Texas, USA
Roy A Wonnacott   RoyA   Rickmansworth, Herts, UK
Ronnie Wonnacott   ronnie    
Rowena Wonnacott   rowena   Bedford, UK
Roxanne Wonnacott   roxanne   Canada
Russel Wonnacott   russw   Pouce Coupe, B.C., Canada
Ruth Dixon   ruthcd   Southend, Essex, UK
Samatha Wonnacott   sam.l.wonnacott    
Sarah Paye   sarah1   Russley Pk, Baydon,Wilts, UK
Shannon Wonnacott   shannonmarie   Middleville, Barry Co. Michigan, USA
Sheila Wonnacott   sheila.w    
Stewart G Wonnacott   stewart.g   UK
Susan Ann Wonnacott   sumoah2   Milton Keynes, UK
Teresa Wonacott   teresawonacott    
Terry Lynn Wonycott   terryl   Ohio, USA
Tony Wonnacott   tony1   Hockley, Essex, UK
Tracy Blyth   tippy   UK
Tracy Leigh Wonnocott   tracy   Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Vaughan Wonnacott   vaughan   St. Albans, Herts, UK
William (Bill) Wonnacott   wonnbi    
Zaharah Wonnacott   zaharah   Bukit Batok, Singapore

We respectfully remind viewers to only use these email addresses in connection to family genealogy and personal contacts and not for commercial purposes.


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