This site is dedicated to the genealogy of the Wonnacott Family and its various spellings.
Some content of this site were originally hosted at the personal website of Paul R Wonnacott which has has expanded from a couple of pages in early 1997 to sufficient content to support a domain of it's own
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Originally convention suggested we did not publish the names of living individuals. On this site we have around 100 trees. We have bombarded with requests to list and update details on living individuals, which we now do unless requested not to do so.
This has certainly also bought about many requests for contact details between interested living family members, which we willingly pass on if we have such details.
Generally we do not show the names of children under 16 at the current publication date, unless permission has been given. This is a privacy issue. Nowadays most children over 16 have an Internet presence such as Facebook, Myspace etc.were they publish their own details such as birthdates etc so privacy is no longer a real issue.
On this site there is no link to contact information or location against any names within trees so no general concern should exist that anyone can be contacted by third party sources.

Copyright Notice: There are photographs on this site which are the works of our members or submitters who have vested copyright or joint copyright with us. Please do not blatantly copy these for your own publications (such as at at other sites, especially those which are commercial enterprises.
Should any of these pictures be of your own ancestors tombstones or graveyard locations etc then you may use copies of them for no commercial purpose providing (a) you have first notified us of your intent and URLs where to be used and (b) ensure that there is a copyright acknowlegement "copyright " displayed directly under the picture and any references to the that picture.

Lists and Pictures of Family Reunions.

History and introduction notes,& links to other sites.

History and introduction notes (cont'd)

About the Cornish ( Kernow) Celtic language.

Origins of English and Celtic Languages.


FAMILY HISTORIES - information clips of contributors.


Can you find your ancestor in the list from an 1871 & 1891 census.

Can you find your ancestor in this list of both "Wonnacott"s and "Wonacott"s,DOB,DOD and Social Security Numbers for USA.


Clarence Wonnacott   Sqdn. Ldr. Gordon I.Wonnacott DFC & Bar    Reverend Bryant Wonnacott     Reverend James Wonnacott

EMAIL a WONNACOTT- Email Addresses of our contributors.

Are We From Here - pictures from South Zeal, Devon , UK

Are We From Here - pictures from South Tawton, Devon, UK

South Tawton Church House - Restored - Pictures

A Devon Map with the areas marked which indicates a high number of Wonnacotts centred around the north of Dartmoor.

Your Email Query Page - Your email queries will be posted here.


A HISTORICAL DOCUMENT - written C.N.Wonacott between 1945 & 1965

Submission Page. Instructions and a form for submitting family details.

Other Wonnacott's, Winnacott's on the Web.

Lost in Battle- Wonnacotts Lost in WW1 and WW2 etc

WW1 Campaign Medals- Wonnacotts given WW1 Campaign Medals

SAVE Wonnacott Avenue at McGuire Air Force Base.

Wonnacotts Road, Okehampton, Devon.

Wonnacott Gravestones, Churches, Memorabilia and Antiquities.

Wonnacott Burials and Cremations, New Zealand

John Wonnacott CBE reknowned artist

John Wonnacott paints the Royal Family

Tim Wonnacott -TV Personality

A Spoof Puppet based on Tim Wonnacott

Our Oak Tree Logo The real view

Wonnacott Farm " Historical Document".

Looking for Wonnacotts who are resident in UK - Names, Addresses,Tel Nos

Wonnacotts of different spellings resident in the UK - Names, Addresses,Tel Nos

Australian Wonnacott residents ( various spellings) - Names, Addresses,Tel Nos

New Zealand Wonnacott residents ( various spellings) - Names, Addresses,Tel Nos

USA Wonnacotts residents - Names, Addresses,Tel Nos

USA Wonacotts residents - Names, Addresses,Tel Nos

Canadian Wonnacott residents - Names, Addresses,Tel Nos

Wonnacotts throughout the World who are not listed in a specific country index - Names, Addresses,Tel Nos

Skype a Wonnacott anywhere

Wonnacott Family Trees

Win(n)acott Family Trees

Family News of Yesteryear. A Sub section Menu.

Wonnacott records in 1901 Census

Wonnacott Births in UK 1984-2005

Wonnacott Marriages in UK 1984-2005

Wonnacott Deaths in UK 1984-2005

Wonnacott Passengers on Boats as recorded Ellis Island

Wonnacott & Titanic. Dorothy Ann (Wonnacott) Turpin

Wonnacott Genealogy Chat

Link to 3 pages we are hosting for Mark Winnacott originally at

LATEST - - John Wonnacott paints Tim Wonnacott & Family Preview Here

CLICK ! Visiting Devon? - Visit the Coach & Horses , Horns Cross and meet Martyn Wonnacott - Use CLICK to view details

Search This Site for Relatives ( Oh! don't use surname without additional info!)

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