It’s pretty obvious that you’ve got to check the house for any issues it might have when purchasing one. Usually, buyers check the property, its boundaries, and the titles. However, there might be things that appear fine but are really hiding an issue.  

One of these things is the plumbing. When it comes to selling a house, bad plumbing is one of the deal-breakers. Of course, nobody wants to purchase a house with plumbing issues.  

Because of this, you need to arm yourself with guidance and practical information when purchasing a house. With this, you might be able to find hidden issues and save yourself from the costs and hassles of hiring a licensed plumber near me to fix the problem.  

Here are a couple of things to look out for when buying a house: 


You may also want to pay close attention to any weird noises when testing faucets. You should carefully listen for bubbling or gurgling sounds coming from the dishwasher, toilet, or sink.  

Do you hear any clanking, dripping, or whistling noise coming from the pipes? Do you hear banging or whooshing sounds from the pipes even if you aren’t using any faucets? This can be an indication of issues in the plumbing system. At this point, pipes might already be clogged or broken. 


Unless there’s an issue, the flow of water should be smooth and steady. However, in general, it needs to flow out in a constant stream instead of trickling out of the faucet. This issue can be common in old houses with older plumbing system that hasn’t been properly maintained for many years. Over time, pipes can corrode, wear out, break, and leak. This could lead to the water intermittently flow out.  


Almost every water treatment plant in states throughout the United States utilize chlorine to disinfect the water. To get rid of pathogens in the water, chlorine is added in controlled and safe amounts. Thus, it is safe for you to drink. It might change a bit the odor of water coming out of the faucet. A hit of bleach or chlorine is fine. However, the water shouldn’t have any offensive or strong smell. 

It is certainly a warning sign if you smell a foul odor that resembles rotten eggs. You shouldn’t neglect this. The unpleasant odor might mean a broken sewer pipe underneath the property or a damaged vent. Aside from being an expensive repair, it can also do a lot of damage to the home’s foundation.  


Water should be free from impurities. This means that it should be clear. It could only mean 2 things if the water has pieces of sediment in it or appears murky or brownish. First, there can be busted pipes. Second, the water supply from the municipal provider has problems that cause discoloration. There’s no way to repair the problem than to replace the damaged pipe if this is the cause. Pipes that are damaged can bring fresh water in your home and also carry with them dirt.