Miniature Cabinet & Furniture

Geoffrey Wonnacott has been making fine quality miniature cabinets, furniture and traditional games for 20 years. Much of his work is on show in many museums and his pieces can also be found in private collections worldwide.
Each piece is individually handmade, signed and dated.
Many of the pieces are based upon 18th & 19th Century English and European furniture and games.

As many pieces are reproductions of original full sized furniture very precise attention is paid to detail, which can be replicated in miniature, including the traditional construction, and decorations, which adds to the authenticity.

Geoffrey also accepts special commissions, can research and find pictures and details of particular furniture pieces for selection and quotation on request.

Geoffrey is also much in demand to hold masterclasses and teaching sessions in his craft, especially in N.America.
On visits to the UK the Webmaster and his wife have been very fortunate to visit Geoffrey's workshop as well as see, touch & feel samples of some of his works. The fine detail in each piece is really exquisite.

For more detail please visit Geoffrey's Web Site

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